February 2, 2010

a world ready for greening

This is (as of 4pm today!) our new house:

Below is the master  Mistress' bedroom in said house. Thanks to the crappy photo the Realtor took, you can't tell much about the color, but the important things to note are these: a) It's green, and b) We're not changing it. We've used up all our painting patience on the house we just sold (and are still living in, renting from the new owners for 10 more days until we can take possession of the new place...) and so have decided to live with what's there now. Fortunately, it's colors we like - yellow in the main living areas downstairs, and this green in our bedroom and bath (I think!) Also, this stuff? Not ours:

So, I'm looking at green bedrooms online, and not finding myself terrifically inspired. From what I'm seeing here, I could conclude that my only choices are either white bedding (the clear front-runner), or green and...more green.

Neither are going to work for me.

These are all lovely, and some are really great, but I'm just not feeling it. Do any of you have inspiring images of green bedrooms to share? I need help!

mouse over images for source

A Bursting of Green by Raymond A. Foss
Long dormant carpet of grey, of brown
parched and pending
poised for an awakening
showers and warming
a bursting of green
in the yard, the trees, my world
a different day,
from a single spring shower
on a world ready
for greening


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arisaidh@yahoo.com said...

I love every one of these bedroom photos. BUT, green is my absolutely all time favorite color. In my world, green is a "neutral", much like black, brown, beige, and navy. Anything and everything looks delightful with green. There is no such thing as making a mistake - it is idiot-proof. :)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Really difficult to choose--all beautifull, especially the Moroccan green bedroom.

Lovely blog.

Poetry Where You Live said...

A Bursting of Green is one of my 5,762+ poems found on my blog, Poetry Where You Live, http://www.raymondafoss.blogspot.com

tattytiara said...

I have a dark green bedroom. I find it feels very, very cozy, which is a very nice way for a bedroom to feel.

Chrisy said...

Honey you house looks wonderful...this is a special house!...and I think that once you've put your own furniture and stuff in the bedroom you'll know which way to go with the decor...and thank you so very much for your coffee cup reading...and that poem...I've printed it out and pinned it up near the computer...love it...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled on your wonderful blog through a link from Fashion For Nerds. Just a suggestion - a few posts earlier, you stated you love gray and green, so that's another color option! I too think green can go with anything if it's done right (purples, blues...yum!) so enjoy your planning and your new home!

Anonymous said...

A nod to your fave color combo: blue and white looks great with green.


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