February 7, 2010

paved with yellow

I'm supposed to be packing. Instead, in typical Cart-Before-The-Horse Susan style, I'm sitting in bed with a cup of coffee, looking at design blogs and mentally arranging the furniture in the new house.

As I mentioned before, the living room walls are yellow, and shall remain so. love yellow rooms, specifically yellow living rooms and kitchens. According to someYellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. [Who wouldn't love that?!] It’s perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, where happy color is energizing and uplifting. In halls, entries, and small spaces, yellow can feel expansive and welcoming. [The front hall is yellow, too - Welcome, everyone!] Yellow, although is a cheery color, is not a good choice in main color schemes of a room. [Hmmm...] People are more likely to lose their tempers in a yellow room. [Uh-oh!]  Babies also seem to cry more in a yellow room. [No babies, so we're okay there.] This color tends to create feeling of frustration and anger in people. [Yikes!] This color is the most fatiguing on the eyes. [Thank goodness I look cute in glasses...]

You could also call me, with absolute accuracy, Ignores-Facts-That-Don't-Suit-Her Susan.

Enough with the self-chastising and second guessing - What, you missed it? It was there, I promise! Let's look at pretty pictures:

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The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.
 -Frank Baum


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boops said...

i think a buttery yellow or golden delicious apple yellow can be quite mellow and soothing

helle said...

Wishing you lots of sunshine in the new house, Susan!!

tattytiara said...

Yes yes yes I was just expounding on the virtues of the yellow kitchen to my boyfriend last night. I should show him this post.

Missa said...

Hi Susan! Hey, guess what? You won my little giveaway, so I'll be scouring your blog to get an idea of the sorts of things you like and doing some thrifting for you this week :)

When you get a chance, you can email me your address at thriftcandy@yahoo.com so I know where to send the lil' package. Good luck with your move, I think yellow rooms are so warm and cheery!

Marsha said...

Lovely yellow - one of my favorite colors. It feels so warm and cheery! It is difficult to believe that it causes temper flares (that makes sound like sun spots - doesn't it).

Love you!

Merisi said...

I will refreshed now!
Thank you. :-)

In my previous home in the States I had my kitchen and my office painted in Bejamin Moore "Linen White" - and loved it, especially the way the color's subtle changes in the course of a day.


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