November 20, 2012

must keep moving

When I was a kid, riding my bike was one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of freedom as I flew down the hills in my neighborhood was unparalleled by anything else in my life.

I haven't really ridden much since then, but you know what they say about riding a bike..Or, wait, they say things you haven't done in a long time are like riding a bike. Anyway...

I'm going to get a bike. Not a fancy one, but a comfortable, bouncy cruiser, to pedal around my neighborhood, and maybe further.

I will have a basket, and a bell. I will wear a helmet.

Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance you must keep moving. 
~ Albert Einstein

November 4, 2012

on a quiet day

I'm grateful for this lovely, quiet day, and the extra hour to enjoy it!


Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. 
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. 
~ Arundhati Roy


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