May 23, 2012

sometimes, when you fall

I've been away because my life has been SHIT, falling apart at the seams, a year-long series of unanticipated and unfortunate events. I won't go into details, but to my relief, I think the worst is really over.

That being said, I feel like I'm about to be shot out of a cannon.

July 1st I will move away from Moss Hill and into a sweet little house in L'ville, in a bustling neighborhood that is the polar opposite of this place.

For the first time in my life - ever - I will live alone. I'm not afraid any longer (I was never afraid of being alone, but I've been terrified of being lonely), maybe a little sad now and then about the end of this part of my life (this part that I thought would never end, this part that I thought was forever), but mostly, finally, excited about what's ahead...

For now, I'm most excited about setting up and settling in, and doing it all completely to my own liking, with no one else's opinions to be concerned about. And when I say excited? I mean giddy!

Let's all be brave together, shall we? I think it's going to be fine!

Sometimes you wake up. 
Sometimes the fall kills you. 
And sometimes, when you fall, you fly. 
— Neil Gaiman


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