February 24, 2010

the great affair is to move

6th Street, Old Louisville

Until we moved, our six dogs had spent their entire lives living in a house with a tiny but well-fenced yard. Now they have 7 lovely acres to enjoy - woods and streams, hills, trails. We're up and back 1/4 mile from the road, with a curved drive that keeps the road out of sight and at a safe distance.

You might think that would be enough.

It's not. The little shits have made a game of running right down the drive straight for the road. We've had to go and collect several of them, and now they're all going out on leashes - something we didn't even have to do on when we lived downtown in the city.

We're going to have to install a fence. We can't fence the whole 7 acres, and wouldn't want to anyway. We don't want to fence the entire acre or so that's lawn, either. What we want is a portion of the lawn - surrounding the house, or maybe just part of it - to be fenced and gated.

I'm looking at these for inspiration - the last 3 are of the same fence, and looks the simplest, and least expensive to accomplish. One major difference: all our plantings will be on the outside of the fence.

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I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  
I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.
  ~Robert Louis Stevenson


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Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, does this ever sound familiar. The manor was considered rural when we moved here 23 years ago. Did the dogs stay down here in the four acres near the house? Noo. They ran as fast as they could down the 500 foot drive toward the road. We had to install an invisible fence.

boops said...

oh no! how about a little, separate, dedicated dog-only enclosed "park" within your "estate"? this way, it doesn't necessarily have to be integrated into the rest of your landscape elements (gardens, trees, bushes, flowers, furniture, exterior architecture of the house). the pooches will have a safe place to play when you cannot keep them on a leash. you could integrate dog-fun elements within the park too.

did you see this about the dog who jumped off a cliff? http://dogblog.dogster.com/2010/02/24/dog-survives-300-foot-fall-from-cliff/
poor baby!

susan said so said...

They're hooligans I tell ya!

And Boops, no I hadn't seen that story - poor girl! Thank goodness for a happy ending, though!



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