December 30, 2009

a vast perhaps

A few days ago, a posse of inspectors swarmed through the house, poking, prodding, peering, turning back, tipping over, climbing up, reaching under... They didn't find much more than a few trifling deficiencies, which we will correct so that we can move on to the next round of nail biting.

Today we did the same thing at River House. The inspector liked it so much he said he would live there himself.  Shawlene saw a small herd of deer bounding through the woods just past the edge of the lawn.

Sorry, Mister; this is our piece of heaven.

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I go to seek a vast perhaps. 
~ Francois Rabelais

1 comment:

helle said...

Crossing my fingers for you, and wishing you all the best for the coming new year!

Hugs Helle


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