December 17, 2009

a color for your eyes

From sweet sweet life to scrumdilly-do to this sweet bit of hand-clapping, toe-tapping, sing-along happiness:

Crayola Doesn't Make a Color For Your Eyes 
by Kristin Andreasssen & Megan Downes / Yellowcar Music, ASCAP

I went to see the doctor. I'd come down with the blues.
She said "No, I can't cure you, but I know something you can do.
Take out a piece of paper, and sit down for a while,
and draw a pretty picture of something that makes you smile."
Well, I know what makes me happy. Didn't have to think for long.
But when I tried to draw it, it always came out wrong.
I had a box of 12, 48 and 64,
but nowhere could I find that one shade I was looking for.
I guess I realized, shoulda come as no surprise... 

Crayola doesn't make a color for your eyes.
There is no way that I could possibly describe you.
Crayola doesn't make a color to draw my love

At first I thought of Green Blue, but then I saw Blue Green.
And then sometimes in bright light, they look Aquamarine.
I think at night they're darker. I looked again for you.
Saw Grey and Black and went out walkin' after Midnight Blue
But the hues of the deepest skies would be a compromise...

Crayola doesn't make a color... 

Spring Green is much too yellow, Sea Green is far too pale.
Cornflower's way too mellow, so I'll try again and fail.
There's no way I can capture the way you make me feel.
One look from you is rapture, whether Blue or Green or Teal.
No color qualifies. That crayon's telling lies...

Crayola doesn't make a color... 

Hey look, it's Periwinkle. So sure I got it now.
But you wink and there's a twinkle in your eye and still, somehow,
I just can't get that sparkle. Those glitter crayons won't.
Maybe Glow-In-The-Dark'll get it right.
Aw, no they don't.
Mr. Crayola tries, but I'm left to fantasize...

Crayola doesn't make a color... 

For your eyes, something darker let's see what I can find.
Melted mahogany and got the depth not the shine.
Just about gave up and then I peeled the paper off a little end of...
Really thought it coulda been... ahh, not even Burnt Sienna!
Your passport says they're brown, but I'm gonna keep lookin' round... 

Crayola doesn't make a color for your eyes.
There is no way that I could possibly describe you.
Crayola doesn't make a color to draw my love

*BONUS extra verse by Megan Downes, written after the recording was made.**

Raw umber? Sepia? Which one is best for eyes of brown?
Your lashes can't conceal dark eyes so warm, so deep they drown
All my sorrows, pain and heartache;All my sadness is washed away.
Outside the lines, that color shines and makes a brand new day.
(A stick of) brown wax can't emphasize the way your eyes (just) hypnotize...


helle said...

Wow, how pretty these colourful images are! I especially like the snow landscape, so amazing!

A warm greeting to you and your family!

Hugs Helle

Marsha said...

Happy holidays, little sister!I love you!

susan said so said...

To you an yours too, Helle!

I knew you would like that, M!!



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