November 15, 2009

Visual Journals: inefficient, happy idling

When we packed up 3/4 of our belongings and sent them to storage, I made the inauspicious decision to send all my creative supplies as well. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do; after all, my craft room was always the least tidy messiest room in the house, and although I love the look of works-in-progress and inspirational materials spread out in full view, I understand that most home-buyers don't necessarily feel the same.

Besides, I fully expected to be reunited with my things and happily creating in the new house by now.

Now we're 6 weeks in, and I'm not willing to wait any longer. Last night I rifled through the (severely edited) contents of my desk, and came up with the following supplies:

4 Journal: blank, spiral-bound, mostly empty
4 Assorted pens/pencils
4 Tape: masking, cellophane, packing
4 Scissors
4 Card stock: assorted colors
4 Stapler/staples
4 Decorative box (for organizing supplies)

5 minutes looking through my formerly-used-for-crafts-but-now-virtually-empty-to-illustrate-how-roomy-it-is closet produced:

4 Tissue paper: assorted colors and designs
4 Tags, blank
4 A spool of twine, a length of ribbon
4 Cellophane gift bags, empty
4 Stickers, assorted
4 Safety pins
4 A tiny palette of watercolors and a tiny brush

I also have a large ridiculously huge stash of magazines that I couldn't justify packing, but stubbornly (auspiciously?) refused to part with.

Today I will begin a new visual journal. These images from the lovely Miss Thumbelina are inspiration for anyone who needs a nudge:

“The imagination needs moodling
- long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering."
- Brenda Ueland

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