November 28, 2009

Lost in Translation

I spend a fair amount of time looking at websites from non-English speaking countries. Sometimes I'm just looking at the pictures, so the words don't matter. More often, though, I want to know what it says, so I plug the site into Google translate and then do my best to fill in the inevitable gaps. Direct translation from one language to another often yields confusing - but hilarious - results. See for yourself:

Directly from the website:

The story of the secret not a secret one. Bruno forest cattle ranch who is really in a forest 365 days, 24 hours, I have been fully grazed. So their own, and Shiva, and various wild grass that grows wild everywhere. White color of milk and not only because of this. Four seasons are different in taste and color Bimyoー. What is it, there's a natural.
All their cows, and Jersey cattle with high milk fat milk burst. 100% of the raw milk, pasteurized (63 ℃ for 30 minutes) and it fills in general, nutrients such as protein and calcium want the User Comments juncture. Honrai taste the flavor of fresh raw milk "formula Nonhomojinaizu" has it made with. This manufacturing process itself, in the countries of Europe that the dairy Futsu but so far there is no special secret to say, in Japan, not a bit. This recipe is also what they can from the cream line on the surface. The two did talk in secret.
Its not a secret story of the secret 3. Under the Tree of mountain people, their cows are living in comfort. I go into the barn when milking only in winter. Otherwise, the movement is often very impressive. The steep hill like this, I think is also in cold blood, and climbing. If Yosuke stomach, eat the wild grass. Strong appetite. Because I eat a lot of natural grass, and also takes less diarrhea and other illnesses, I'm fine. And natural mating in natural childbirth, lays a strong calf. Veal their course, grow up with cows feeding from mother nature. We are that it is not Azukatsu to the bottom of your breastfeeding. Whether you are healthy and happy lives their cows. Taste of this, maybe the biggest secret ....
There is no other a little milk Bruno forests. This story is over. Does, but that their feelings Ukabe forest happy cows, please drink slowly. Cream made on the surface, but it is delicious to eat bread and put the cookies intact.

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