September 8, 2010

the rest we take

I have a new happy place.

How did I live my entire life up to this point without a hammock?

It is like a drug! I lie down in it - that part is intentional - then everything else just happens: I stretch, look around, smile, my eyes close, and then, I almost instantly fall asleep. Out cold. Gone. Ahhhhhhhh...

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day
 is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
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MFAMB said...

i get it. i went to NC last year and stayed at a b&b in the mountains...they had a hammock in the trees and while i didn't fall asleep b/c it takes drugs for me to fall asleep at any other time of day than night was the most relaxing and peaceful place i have ever been.
yours looks like a magazine layout.

Chrisy said...

Exquisite photos girl! What a perfect 'escape' place! My love to you...

life, in small chunks said...

what a wonderful spot...absolutely lovely


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