September 28, 2010

out of the closet

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out my closet. Trust me, it needed it.

After trying on EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. in my closet, and getting the thumbs up or down from my co-conspirator, I had 2 piles: keep, and donate.  The donate pile was twice as big as the keepers. This is a good thing. Now my closet is filled with only those things that fit and flatter.

We noted a few "holes" in my wardrobe - a couple more jackets (1 gray, 1 in a print), trousers that aren't denim (I have 8 pair of jeans, and virtually no other bottoms), and "lounge wear;" (the grungy, ill-fitting pjs and tees went in the donate pile, or garbage, depending in the degree of blech).


 Everything is grouped by item. Next phase is to organize by color and style.


In the meantime, getting dressed is a pleasure, instead of a chore.

Plus? I feel cute again. Yes, that matters. A lot.

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“God is definitely out of the closet.”

~ Marianne Williamson
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boops said...

you've inspired me to tackle mine! get wood hangers, it makes all the difference.

life, in small chunks said...

Yes, feeling cute DOES matter! Good for you. I love the closet and the room beyond it in #12, above, btw. karin

MFAMB said...

i desperately need to do this too!

Anonymous said...

We cleaned the storage room in the garage and you should see how I labeled the tubs....One is labeled "WTFE box" another "pretty stuff I dont need"
They are very fitting!


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