October 1, 2009

Tread softly...

The new carpeting was installed yesterday, and even though wall-to-wall plush is not my flooring of choice, it does have its merits - warmth, quiet, and comfort to name a few. And in this case, its truly winning attribute is that it was relatively inexpensive, and installation was quick (and done by someone else, hallelujah!) Now we just have to keep the dogs off it until we move.

These floors are much more inspiring than my milky-tea colored sea of carefully orchestrated neutrality. Which one is your favorite?

photos: 1) orangebeautiful.com, 2) archiexpo.com, 3) mybutlerdesign.com,
4) thedesignfiles.net, 5) designspongeonline.com, 6) designmyway.blogspot.com,
7) zedomax.com, 8) allaboutyou.com, 9) anicursor.com,
10) interiorsbyfrancesca.net

"Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams." - William Butler Yeats



helle said...

Hi, Susan. I definalety like the upper floor the most. Want it!

susan said so said...

The thing I like best about the top floor is that it looks like they didn't worry that the finish wasn't perfect, but went ahead and painted on the beautiful design.


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