October 17, 2009

little house made of logs

On this beautiful day -

We found this beautiful house -
Secluded, well off the beaten path, down a road less traveled...

The house sits on 8 mostly wooded acres with Blue River frontage, beautiful landscaping, a koi pond, large front and back porches. It's beautiful, pristine, well-built ... and small. So small, in fact, that the only way I'm confident we can make it work is if we put our bed in the loft - which I'm not opposed to in the least. I do, after all, love cozy spaces. It would look something like this:

photos: 1-4) mine 5) ursispaltenstein.ch 6) tripadvisor.com
7) cyberrentals.com 8) cbloveshack.com 9) canoesc.com
10) bedandbreakfast.com 11) tinyhouseblog.com

What would you be willing to give up to have your own piece of Eden?

"They were cosy and comfortable in their little house made of logs..."
- Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods


1 comment:

MFAMB said...

i love that you want a log cabin and i love even more that you don't want to do it up in moose heads and buffalo plaid with a side of bear skin rug. although, don't ge me wrong a dash of buffalo plaid can be quite modern when paired with a crazy floral or leopard print.
i love this blog.


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