October 25, 2009

organization of the non-obvious

It's not often I see a room that I want to have as my own, complete, as is. This home office/guest room, from Country Living Magazine, is a rare exception. The room is a diminutive 12' x 13'. The gorgeous wallpaper was the starting point for the color scheme. These are colors I could live with every day:

A lateral file cabinet in limed oak provides storage, organization, and style:
The color scheme continues inside the desk drawer. Little details like these* make me smile:
This cupboard stores guest bedding and toiletries out of sight:
Here's the guest bed - it's an inflatable mattress, stored away in this chest until needed:

A vertical magazine rack stows reading material out of the way:
A luggage rack and hangers are tucked away in this small but well-organized closet, along with the printer, wireless Internet hub, and other electronics:

Custom-made shelves run along the top of the room, above the millwork, providing storage and display space:

Isn't it lovely? It is now, but it didn't always look - or function - this way. Here are a few before shots to illustrate the point. The desk area (same desk):

And the closet, before:
all photos: countryliving.com

If we get the log house we're wanting, this is what I'll have to work with - an 11' x 11' room with log walls, two windows, and a closet (photo mine):
I'm inspired! Are you?

*"The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious." -Marcus Aurelius



Anonymous said...

That is an amazing room! The wallpaper is a little much for me to live within for hours on end, but the rest of it I am LOVING, especially the lime and purple and pink.

So when you get the log cabin, will you add wallpaper (in spots, anyway)?

helle said...

What a wonderful mood one is getting in when looking at this room, with all the prette & practical details.
Thanks for sharing! Your home will be gorgeous too, Im sure!


Liz Harrell said...

Oh my goodness. This room makes me want to go into my office and kick something! :)

susan said so said...

Luci - we may put drywall up in one room, or maybe one wall of one room (probably the one above!) just to break up the endless sea of wood.

Helle - thanks! I'll definitely be posting all about it when we do get the new house.

Liz - me, too!


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