September 11, 2009

a lovely dream

Does size matter? Is less ever really more?

I've been fascinated with tiny things since I was tiny. I remember a wee little yellow porcelain baby bird, no bigger than a bean, that someone (probably my sister) gave to me, and how I loved to hold it in my tiny little hand. Just yesterday a friend gave me a Pocket Jesus, complete with a tiny little song ("never seen Christ so small...")

In our search for a new home, we don't even look at anything smaller than what we consider our minimum square footage requirement. These (adorable!) tiny houses make me certain we could do with less:

1) 2) 3 )
4) 5) 6)
7) 8) simondale.net_housefront 9)

(Al Hoffman / Dick Manning) Recorded by The Four Lads, 1954

There’s a tiny house (There's a tiny house)
By a tiny stream (By a tiny stream)
Where a lovely lass (Where a lovely lass)
Had a lovely dream (Had a lovely dream)
And her dream came true (And her dream came true)
Quite unexpectedly
In Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea


helle said...

I totally agree, these small, cute & cosy houses really speak to me as well. But they probably speak to an unrealistic part of my anatomy, when I consider all of our collections and belongings....


susan said so said...

I know, Helle, I'm in the same boat: I love the look and the idea of living smaller, but the reality is that I have too much STUFF to ever actually do it!

Marsha said...

Maybe for a guest cottage....nestled out back where I could look at it while I had my cuppa and porridge every morning. But live in it...I think not...(or as a shed for such things as lawnmowers, flowerpots, and soon to be resurrected furniture)


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