September 20, 2009

snug little kingdom

I've lived most of my life in multi-storied houses. I prefer sleeping at the top of the house (I even love the way that sounds: at the top of the house.) Multiple levels can help to delineate between public and private areas, and the view from upstairs is generally better than the view from ground level.

By the end of a long day of moving boxes and furniture, I'm ready to make my next home a ranch style, all one level, no stairs at all... Then I think about how enchanting it is to watch a rain storm from up in the trees, and how much quieter it is above street level, and I know my aching muscles and complaining joints won't keep me down(stairs). Besides, with the exception of a mantel, is there anything lovelier than a banister to decorate for Christmas?

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“Away from the world and its toils and its cares, I've a snug little kingdom up four pair of stairs.” ~William Makepeace Thackeray

1 comment:

helle said...

I too would find it hard to sleep at ground floor of houses.

For me it has to do with the fact not having to use curtains. We can look at the stars at night, and immediately in the mornings see how the weather plans to be!



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