September 3, 2009

in an enchanted world

I have loved this city of mine, and the touchy, teeming, colorful neighborhood that's been my home these past 7 years. But my love is not exclusive. I am fickle.

On roads that wind through hills and fields and forest, I recall the reasons I love country life: weathered barns, fresh-mown fields, ducks in a pond...the closeness of forests and the vastness of open skies...the smell of rain, and green, and dirt.

"But there is a spirituality that is more like a lowly emanation from the most humble and earthbound things; that of a particular house, a garden, a neighborhood, a grove of trees, a pristine beach, a holy well, a field of wheat. Here spirituality is indistinguishable from enchantment, for in an enchanted world the things of nature and even of culture reek of holiness. Enchantment is nothing more than spirituality deeply rooted in the earth. "

- Thomas Moore


helle said...

Love your photos of the surroundings your living in. The image of the 2 old barns are wonderful, reminds me of America.


Editor said...

Hi Susan,
If you're interested in Thomas Moore's writings and work, you may enjoy a blog dedicated to him, Barque, at It links to a free forum where members generate the world's soul, animus mundi. Please visit. Your photographs contribute to an appreciation of soul in an immediate and thoughtful way. Thank you for sharing them.


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