August 21, 2009

goodnight room

I'm sitting in bed as I write this.

I've never completely outgrown my teenage tendency to want to live in my bedroom...I sometimes spend whole evenings, days, even weekends in my room, coming out only for trips to the bathroom, and the kitchen. I would spend even more time here, but for two things: guilt (
Damn you, Puritans!), and the dogs, who need more than one room.

A new house will mean a new bedroom (she said with wild-eyed glee) so I'm tempting the muse:


Leigh said...

Beautiful bedroom pictures! I think you'd also like the blog Interior Divine if you didn't already know of it:

helle said...

So nice bedrooms, hard to pick a favorite

Ann said...

Many beautiful interior design photoes here at Dreams Underfoot! I decided to add you to the blogroll on Glassveranda!

Thank you for your nice comment on Glassveranda! - The blue bike :)

Have a nice week!

Ann, the interior design blog Glassveranda.


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