August 7, 2009

Promises to Keep...

A few summers ago we had a garden party.
It was perfect: lovely, easy, delicious, and fun.

That was before The Dogs. Now the back yard - which boasted only spotty patches of grass before the onslaught of our pack of JRTs - is a dust bowl in dry weather, and a pig pen in the rain. We've been expelled from the garden, at least until we find our patch of rural bliss, our own God's green acre.

In the meantime I cast my net into the ethers, collecting fodder for my dreams, and planning our eventual return to Eden...

@ Little Byrd Vintage:
Maison Douce:@ Queen of Tarte:

(white/desert camo netting as canopies: brilliant!)

@ Rice:

@ Design Wonderland:

August skies, lullabyes, promises to keep
Dandelions and twisting vines, clover at your feet
Memories of aspen leaves, trembling on the wind
Honeybees and fantasies
Where to start again?
Someplace cool and green and shady
~John Denver

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