March 24, 2010

writ large

It started like this:

And now I have this - it's HUGE, 5' x 3':

I'd like to do something like this:

mouse over images for source

2 things:
  1. I'm thinking I ought to paint it black.
  2. Where will I put it? (Did I mention it's HUGE?!)
This sweetheart's for sale at RedHenStudios:

External nature is only internal nature writ large. 
Swami Vivekananda

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fric and frac said...

It's gorgeous! I love the size! I think it would look great hanging on the wall in your entry with an old school bench underneath. It has a lot of character!

C.J. said...

Susan,I am so sorry I haven't been around... been so dang busy with the painting and re doing of the living room, and now have a staging job tomorrow (YAY) by Monday, I should be back to normal, was i ever normal??? lol Love the chalk board!

boops said...

it all depends on how it will function. make a list of functions and spaces and try each for a week or so, and see which works best. and of course, share you pics :)

susan said so said...

f & f: I DO have an old church pew...

c.j.: can't wait to see what you've been up to!

boops: you know i'll share : )


Marsha said...

I vote for the chalkboard, reduced in size/shape if necessary. My thoughts go something like this, using chalk and a chalkboard is ephemeral, totally different from using a pencil and paper. For hesitant writers/doodlers, it is comfortable knowing, that with a whoosh of the hand, all is gone.

Regarding your well-stocked garage, hang on to the corner cabinet with glass in the doors.

Tables, etc.
I loved the room that had the green and peachy pink decor. That table was definitely my favorite. (as was that room)

What "kind" of table was the shabby, brown wooden one with the turned legs. There was some white paint on it.I wondered if it was a radio table.

The table that you chose among the various styles is very different from the real-life predecessors.

Love the photos of your craft room.


susan said so said...


I purchased chalkboard paint today (black) and plan to hang the chalkboard, full size, where it is in the entry. I'm going to try the pew underneath. I have a bucket of chalk at the ready, but couldn't find an eraser, of all things! If you lived close I'd get one from you!

I do hate to think of parting with the corner cabinet; I really should hang onto it. That's what garages are for, right? The table you saw was one Jenn found in her alley, slapped some paint on, then passed on to me when she was done with it. It was in pieces; I took it to the junk shop today in exchange for store credit.

The table dilemma has been solved, to my great satisfaction. Photos to come soon!



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