March 30, 2010

a place of luxury

Do you make the bed every day? Most days? Ever?

Are you a top sheet tucker? Do you use a comforter? Quilt? Duvet?

I won't ask about sleepwear, or lack thereof - that's another post.

Jessica, of scrumdillydilly, has taken the art of making the bed to a Whole. New. Level. I love her mix of patterns, never-the-same-bed-twice approach to what many view as either complete drudgery, or a meticulous exercise in thread counting precision, Martha style. Check out these exuberant examples of Jessica's happy place:  

all photos here

My version isn't nearly as colorful - yet - but I'm "curating" a collection of fun and funky vintage one-off linens that will someday allow me to create my own scrumdillydilly {guest} beds.
need more scrumdillydilly beds? Get the calendar here.

The bed has become a place of luxury to me! 
I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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1 comment:

boops said...

oh my god...the colors in those florals are fantastic! you're starting to develop quite a collection as well i see. i prefer my linens to be pleasantly tactile rather than visually interesting as my eyes are shut for the majority of the time i spend in my bedroom, tucked in between the sheets. however, i'd feel very happy and cozy if i were an occupant of your guestroom.


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