March 24, 2010

the general joy

I have this:

I want something different. These are different:

mouse over photos for source

This one's available on craigslist for $60:

Hard to tell much about it, it's so buried in crap...

This one's only $25 - maybe painted it'd be marvelous?

No price on these, but the top right one is interesting, yes?

So, what do you all think?

I drink to the general joy of the whole table.
- William Shakespeare

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boops said...

i like the superbig upholstered ottoman, maybe upholstered in a kilim type fabric (which may compete with your rug) or the crazy industrial yellow cart on wheels. as long as you already have something that functions, you might as well hold out for the right piece, unless it happens to be amongst one of your finds.

wool and misc said...

hi! what lovely path that led you to W&M. thank you for stopping by and saying hello <3

karey m. said...

i like the ten little green chairs! and the grass!

have you been to ikea? i know their stuff is sort of crap over time, but i love it for whims like this. like, i don't NEED something new...i WANT something fresh.

i bet they'd even have buckets of grass there!


Patty said...

I think glass topped tables always look great, just be careful if there are kids about ;)

MFAMB said...

keep calm susan i am working on something for you...please be patient...


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