April 8, 2011

strive to mend

I've always had a fondness for mended things, a thing so loved, or needed, or both, that when it broke or wore out, the thought of tossing it aside was never truly considered, and instead, repairs were made, carefully or clumsily, but enough to keep the thing intact.

We - most of us - don't live that way any more. When a thing breaks or shows signs of wear or bores us, we replace it. This practice is to our own detriment, I think. We're always and forever starting over with something new, and forgetting to cherish the treasures we have. 

I'll not willingly offend, 
Nor be easily offended; 
What's amiss I'll strive to mend, 
And endure what can't be mended. 
~ Isaac Watts  (1674-1748)


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helle said...

Oh look at all those treasures!! The more torn and worn the better, dont you just love the mended bowl!!! I know you do!

Hugs from me


how very lovely. and that hand on the piano...


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