December 6, 2010

like beams in a house

I've been meaning to get the downstairs bathroom sorted since we moved in nearly a year ago. During Wedding-palooza week (2 months ago) I had a brilliant "oooooh, this would be perfect in the bathroom closet!" idea, but was much too busy to implement it. Then a few days ago I read Jenny's post about getting her linen closet organized, and I finally had both the inspiration and the time to tackle my project. I even got the curtains hung!

I'm very pleased with the results. Look: 

So granny, I know. But I love it!
The Blessed Mother approves. And She loves her Santa hat.
Pretty mirror. One of these days I'll actually hang it.

It wouldn't hurt to clean it! (I did - after I took the picture!)
And THIS is an empty cabinet! AMAZING!

Order is the sanity of the mind, 
the health of the body, 
the peace of the city, 
the security of the state. 
Like beams in a house or bones to a body, 
so is order to all things.  
~ Robert Southey
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MFAMB said...

it feels good to get shit done doesn't it?

i want a mary in a santa hat all glowy somewhere.

boops said...

ha ha ha santa maria!

Angela Michelle said...

Is this out bathroom when we come to visit??
I love it!

susan said so said...

Jenny - she's amaze-a-riffic, isn't she?

Boops - hahahaaaaaa, I love it!

AM - yep, this is in the "guest wing." ;)



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