December 19, 2010

all Christmas trees

Am I the only one shocked by the fact that Christmas is only days away? Sheesh. Everything catches me by surprise these days. Everything does - and nothing does. I can't explain it any better than that. Probably an age-related thing.

Anyway. Christmas! Our first here on Moss Hill, and the house feels like it was made for this season. 

Also: Does everyone think their Christmas tree is best? (I hope so!!) I know I do...

Liberace Santa, all decked out in gold glitter

Then again, I think all Christmas trees are pretty fabulous. Show me yours!

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 The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!
 - Charles N. Barnard
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life, in small chunks said...

Your tree is lovely, as are all of the other photos. You always post such beautiful photos! Happy Holidays and much joy in 2011!

susan said so said...

Thank you! Yours is lovely, too, and I especially like the reflections in the sun room windows! :)


helle said...

Geez, those images!! Love them, especially the pencil-tree!
Wishing you the best Christmas of all Susan!



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