March 13, 2010

return with the bird

So a few days ago Jenny, of MFAMB, rather bravely (and/or fool-heartedly) challenged her readers to send in their wishlists and their local craigslists, and declared she would find them the good stuff they were looking for. Jenny, it should be noted, lives in Atlanta, and they have a better-than-average craigs. Specifically, she said: 

"lots of you tell me that your town's craigslist sucks donkeykong dicks. i simply don't believe you. so i invite you to challenge me to find shit for you using your craigslist. you just need to tell me a. what you're looking for or b: what your style is. or both. duh. oh and your nearest craigslist. double duh. think about it, get back to me. my email address is somewhere on this blog."

She did not disappoint. First up was Cristin from Austin. Yeah - Austin. I would expect their craigslist to be superior, wouldn't you? And it was. But Jenny rocked it beyond expectations, and we were all agog

Next came Jessica, of Lincoln. As in Nebraska. Yikes. But once again, our fair Jenny pulled rabbits out of hats, made silk purses from sows ears and spun gold from straw. Once again This time, we were agog clamoring for our turns.

Then there was Sonchia, in Telluride CO. The fearless Jenny waded in, but this challenge was so great that she expanded her range, and declared that all other comers must submit to a new rule: in addition to our own local craigslist, we would also need to tell her the the next 3 closest cities to which we would be willing to drive for awesome deals. Who could blame her? We're asking her to find needles in haystacks, and she's doing it, all out - for free! (Although the general consensus is that she should charge, but not until she's panned all our lists for gold first!) Anyway, back to Telluride...again, Jenny left us all agog.

all images craigslist(s) via MFAMB

Then, in response to my comment on her blog, I had a message from Jenny herself: "What are you looking for?" (I know - the eternal question, really - but in this case we're focusing on design & decor. Unless Jenny has other wish-granting skills I'm unaware of?) So, here is my answer, complete with crappy pictures of my messy-ass, unfinished house, and pack of naughty dogs:

Dear Jenny,

Since you asked...

I need 2 small somethings to use as side tables beside the 2 chairs-and-a-half w/ ottomans that flank the fireplace. I'm thinking not-wood because it's already a forest in there. I really love the ceramic garden stools you found in Austin, and actually found some nice ones at T.J. Maxx tonight but now I'm stumped for color, because all I want is those aqua ones! 

The space for the tables is small, but I just need a place to put a drink and cell phone beside the chairs.  The walls are yellow w/ natural wood trim, and a hardwood floor. Oh, and there's a large seagrass rug w/ black binding in the center of the room, but ignore it, because we just bought a ginormous oriental-type carpet in brown, cream, red, a little blue that's rolled up in the front hallway as I type; it will be going down tomorrow.

I've had the coffee table forever (it was in my childhood home) but I'm sick of it. So I guess I need something to use for a coffee table, too. We also have 6 (yes, SIX) terriers, so nothing too precious, please. 

While we're at it, what should I do with the wall space above the chairs? And window treatments? (We've just moved into our new home on 7 private acres after living the past 6 yrs in an urban neighborhood with neighbors in our laps, so we're loving not having to block the view, but in photos the windows look quite unfinished, don't they?)

Finally, I need 6 dining chairs. I love the table but hate these chairs. HATE:

(dining room in former house, staged to sell)
I like these rooms a lot:

scroll over images for source

Here are my local lists; only the first one is two are actually close:

I await your instructions, Jenny, Queen of the Craigs!

If you turn the imagination loose like a hunting dog, 
it will often return with the bird in its mouth.
William Keepers Maxwell, Jr

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MFAMB said...

i'm on it!! love that you posted pics of what you have as well as what you like! that is a tremendous help as it gives ME inspiration and makes the job easier...did i day job?

also many thanks for posting about me. i am honored and...left agog.

helle said...

You have a nice weekend as well, Susan! I was here a few hours ago and left via MFAMB, never came back though. You know how it is when you open link after link, at last you forget where you started.

I was meaning to tell you that I think it´s an interesting challenge you have given her, and that I´m looking forward to see what comes out of it. Nice home and nice little doggies too!

Hugs Helle

boops said...

oh i love the poochies!!!! and how exciting, though from looking at the pics of your rooms and your inspiration, i'm sure jenny will come through. love that dining room table!

i know what you mean about the windows. i don't have any window treatments on my living and dining room windows. i'm on the second floor and i love being able to look out and see unobstructed the changing colors of the sky. a couple of weeks ago, i was just staring out into space when i saw shooting star. it was awesome, though the naked windows make it look like i've just moved into my apartment! have a great sunday!


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