March 20, 2010

one skein of geese

Today is the vernal equinox, and Spring has come to Moss Hill. The geese return in ragged, honking vees to the ponds and lakes. The fields are blushing green, and the sunlight, after traveling 93 million miles, is warm and heavy on my skin. Inside, the half-finished rooms are calling me - open the windows, shake out the rugs, unpack the boxes waiting in corners... 

Inspired by Jenny's great craigslist finds over on MFAMB, I've spent the past week poking around dusty flea markets and dingy thrift stores, and I've had some luck filling the gaps. Remember the dining chairs I hated, and wanted to replace? Here, let me refresh your memory:

old chairs in former house

I found spotted these replacements at a speedy after-work thrift store stop a few days ago, and for $19.95 each they were mine, snatched up 5 minutes before closing. What do you think - SO much better, right?

new chairs in new house

I really need 6 chairs, but there were only 4 of these, so I continued my search, hoping to find two more chairs that would "go" (matching is not high on my priorities.) I found these yesterday, for $10 each; I think I'll paint the wooden slats (any suggestions for color?),  reupholster the seats, and place them at the head/foot of the table. If I don't like the way that looks, I'll happily use them on the porch:

thrifted chairs, awaiting their cinderella moment

I also found this black wooden lamp at Old Time Pottery, for $30. It's perfect in the living room:

Now I'm headed to the craft room/office, the final room awaiting unpacking. I've already gotten the books unpacked - 7 totes and 4 large boxes full. That's all I've done in there, though, and as you can see, I'm nowhere near finished. And yes, I share this room with the cats:

So, what are you doing today?

"One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, 
cleaving the murk of March thaw, is the Spring."
-  Aldo Leopold

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boops said...

chairs are a huge improvement, nice finds! i like the end chairs also, i would paint the slats black for some sort of uniformity among the chairs and bring the color in fabric when you reupholster the seats. however, i do love the way they repeat the curvilinear lines of the chandelier over the table. i love the lamp also. looks like thing are coming together...happy continued unpacking!
also, my weekend plans include a bit of vandalism and thievery...i'll report tomorrow!

susan said so said...

Vandalism and thievery sound like fun, can't wait to hear the details!


MFAMB said...

the chairs look much better!! and the porch chairs? what a bright lemony yellow??


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