January 9, 2014

What To Do Before and After You Lose Your Job

Long-time readers (all 3 of you) will remember when I lost my job several years ago, and how devastated I was by the loss. 

photo: jaaron
It. Was. Awful.

BUT! I survived, and turned those survival skills into an article that's just been published over at elephantjournal.com.

The best time to read this article is before you lose your job, since there are tips on what you can do to be prepared, just in case. The second best time is after.

Either way, you can read it here: What To Do Before and After You Lose Your Job.

xo, Susan

1 comment:

Merisi said...

Congratuatlions on having your article published!
I bookmarked it and will read it tonight.
Thank you and best regards from Vienna,


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