August 4, 2011

the cure for anything

I've had the sea on my mind a lot lately. I've been drawn to images of water and sand and sky. I've been thinking about boats, and anchors, so much so that it feels like "Yeah, a boat on the sea, I know about that, that's something I'm going to do..." As if it's part of my life. Which it isn't.

 I think it's symbolic, my longing for and (totally false) feeling of familiarity with the sea.

 I just have to figure out what it's symbolic of.

I'm sure it's partly to do with not going to Scotland this summer. But it's more than that.

Do you have any ideas?

When I get it figured out I'll let you know...

1 comment:

MFAMB said...

so pretty. i love paintings of the sea when it's angry.


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