July 8, 2011

healthful to the body

The country life is so very different in every aspect to city life that comparisons are like apples to oranges. 

I've done both, and I prefer the country, especially here, on Moss Hill. Other country homes were old (100 yrs +), and a challenge to keep up. No insulation, no central heat,  heating with wood stoves (yes, in 2 different houses, and the last one was close to 3000sq ft!), ancient wiring, iffy plumbing... It was always worth it, mind you, for the peace and quiet and privacy, but I wouldn't ever go back to that if I had a choice. My pioneer woman days are over if I've got anything to say about it.

Moss Hill is a newer house, somewhere between 30-40 years old, and the previous owners updated  everything from cosmetics to systems. Everything works here. The windows are double-glazed, the doors close and lock properly, and the garage door opens with the push of a button. The appliances are new, and there are lots of safely working electrical outlets in every room. (If you've ever lived in an old house that isn't updated, you know all about living with everything on extension cords, plugged into the 1 outlet in each room. Inconvenient AND dangerous!) Some of the amenities are more important than others, of course, but it all adds up to our perfect place. 

I do still love the look of old houses, with their massive beams, high ceilings, and plaster walls. I'm happy enough just looking, though; I think I've finally come home.

                                          If country life be healthful to the body, 
it is no less so to the mind.      
- Giovanni Ruffini 


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