February 23, 2011

from the top of the house

I love rooms at the top of the house...

photos by trine thorenson
You know when you're
just about to go to sleep,
or you're just sort of,
you know, falling asleep...                  
and you think you're really falling,
so you catch yourself?
That ever happen to you? You're
not falling, just falling asleep.
There you go.
When I was a little girl,                  
I always wanted to fly.                  
From the top of the house.                  
At night, I'd close my eyes,                 
and imagine I was on the roof,                 
looking down at my parents
in their bed.  
And then I'd jump off...                  
and I'd fly...                  
While everyone was sleeping,                  
I'd be soaring around,                  
looking through their windows, 
and resting in the trees. 
I always knew I could,                  
but I never told them.
Once someone knows,
they can make you fall.

from Arizona Dream


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1 comment:

Angela Michelle said...

I love the wall of drawers...looks like left overs from the dewey decimal system (I miss that old filing system)


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