January 17, 2011

Word of The Day 17/365: all eventually arrive

tantalize (TAN-tuh-lyz) verb tr., also tantalise

To tease or torment by showing something desirable but keeping it out of reach.

[After Tantalus in Greek mythology. Tantalus, a king of Lydia, was condemned to stand in Hades chin deep in water and under fruits that receded whenever he tried to drink water or eat the fruit.]

 That eternally harassing, tantalizing future. Mystery! We will all eventually arrive there
 - willing or unwilling, with all our soul and body. And too often it proves to be a great despot. 
And so, in the end, I arrived too. Whether the future is a kind or a cruel god is, 
of course, its own affair. Humanity too often claps with just one hand.

~ Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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