August 11, 2010

where to go

! don't need any of the stuff over at Pearl River, but I sure do enjoy window shopping there. Look at these fun finds ($17.50 each):

Dumpling Dynasty Pigtail Kit 
Beautifully illustrated organizing tin containing a high quality comb and mirror set. 
Comes with carefully chosen vintage hair accessories including hand-made, real wool pom poms. 

Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit
Beautifully illustrated organizing tin. Each kit comes complete with a set of celebration candles, 
rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters, cupcake cases and delicious recipes
 for iced-star cookies and fancy cupcakes. 

Dumpling Dynasty Beauty Kit
Beautifully illustrated organizing tin containing chrome mirror compact, 
pair of nail clippers, tweezers, nail file and five piece make-up brush set.

Dumpling Dynasty Explorer Kit
Inside this gift-giver delight of a tin, you will find a carefully chosen vintage-style metal torch, 
magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness 
simply didn't know where to go shopping. 
- Bo Derek
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About A Girl said...

They are adorable!

Molly said...

Susan, I stumbled across your blog and must say I absolutely adore it! These little treasures are perfect for my daughter. I went to the website and ordered the first three!

Marsha said...

I peruse the Pearl River catalogue as tho' it were a Sears "Wish Book", but I have actually ordered things a few times. Such fun!


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