August 14, 2009

Follow Me!

One thing leads to another could be the official motto of the "series of tubes" known as The Internet. (And when it becomes the official motto, remember you heard it here first!)

Here's a map of my latest ramble:

From Creature Comforts I stumbled* upon a very cool blog @ Indie Fixx, where I found this great tutorial, among others...

...which lead me to this adorable Etsy shop by GreenBriar...

I also discovered the Indie Fixx Galleria, "an online gallery of indie goods. The gallery is like an 'indie mall' featuring a juried mix of indie designers & boutiques, updated monthly," where I found this...
...and this, from Royal Buffet (she also blogs here).

and these lovelies, from Yeah Hello:

Main Entry:stumble*
Part of Speech:verb
Definition:happen upon
Synonyms:blunder upon, bump, chance, chance upon, come across, come up against, discover,encounter, fall upon, find, hit, light, light upon,luck*, meet, run across, stub toe on, tumble, turn up

So, where have you been lately?


Lisa Marklund said...

Hi, thank you for making a visit at the Swedish Interior Blog site :-) and that you have link to it. Interesting site you have.
Hugs from Lisa

helle said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I´m glad you enjoyed yourself - even if the language was unknown to you (I guess?) one can always look the pictures, right?

You´ve been to some nice sites today, the terrariums are so pretty. Is animals living in there? We hope not, very little apartments!

I will enjoy following your blog.
Greetings from Helle

susan said so said...

Helle, I use Google Translate to view non-English blogs. It works pretty well, but some of the translations make me laugh, and there are some words that don't translate at all! Still, it's enough for me to get the general idea, and like you say, the pictures (mostly) need no translation.

There are no animals in the tiny terrarium, except plastic ones. : )

xox, Susan


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