August 28, 2011

It's Official!

I GOT THE JOB!!  The job I wanted, the job I convinced my new employer to create for me, the job where I work from home, travel, and get handsomely paid. The job that's not only in my chosen field - Animal Welfare - but which gives me the opportunity to expand my sphere of influence to something more in line with my sphere of concern. Hell yeah!

To all of you in blogland who have supported me, encouraged me, and cheered me along:

from the bottom of my heart!


helle said...

I´m happy for you! and you probably don´t even have to move? So fortunate Susan, good luck with it......hugs Helle

boops said...

Congratulations---you may inspire us all to follow our dreams one day!

Chrisy said...

Oh yay for you! So proud of you...writing your own job description really and then making it a reality...happy days indeed!


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