August 22, 2011

in that little world

I dreamt last night that I was back in the giant late Victorian era farmhouse where I lived for 10 years. The house was beautiful, spacious, had many of its original architectural details, including cast iron fireplace surrounds, original hearth tiles, beautiful over-mantels with original beveled mirrors, solid wood doors, plaster was magnificent.

It was also falling apart, and hadn't been updated since it was new - so, no central heat/air, no insulation, original (or at best, very very VERY old) wiring and other words, it was also a mess. A magnificent mess.

This isn't the Glendale house, but it could be...
I loved it, though, and didn't care at all that it was in such bad shape. It was on 365 acres, 1/4 mile from the nearest neighbor but only 20 minutes from town, and because it was such a mess, the rent was cheap. I mean really cheap, as in $200 a month. It was perfect for us while we were there. With 2 stories, 4 bedrooms, 2 "parlors," a formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, and front and back hallways wider than most rooms in newer homes, it was like a giant dollhouse. The possibilities were practically endless. I had more fun decorating and rearranging that house than I've had in any other, before or since. Which was what I was doing in my dream - deciding how to rearrange.

I was specifically working on 3 different sitting rooms, and thinking to myself "We don't need 3 sitting rooms, this is ridiculous. But we have all these empty rooms - so I may as well have fun with them!"

Truth be told, I do love sitting rooms, and probably would have 3 if I could. The requirements: the room must be comfortable, well-appointed with places for books and pots of tea and flowers and candles, have adequate lighting for reading, but options for lower light too, be tidy, but ever-so-slightly disheveled...a bit of shabbiness is preferred. A sofa with pillows and a blanket for napping, and a fireplace or open-flame heater are bonuses, but barely...they're very nearly necessities.

Still, the best and most important thing about any place we would call "home" is those with whom we share it...
 There is a magic in that little world, home; 
it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues 
never known beyond its hallowed limits.
 ~ Robert Southey


gaidheallass said...

Sigh...the photos make my heart sing! Thank you...

Chrisy said...

It must have been soooo difficult to leave that's just wonderful...and that! The sitting room pics are very beautiful...all warm and welcoming...thank you...

helle said...

Did someone drag you out of that house?- sounds like a dreamhouse to me and probably for most of your readers too!
But of course, any house or castle is only a shelter for us and our loved ones when it comes down to that.
I so enjoyed your 1. image, bohemian style can I never get tired of looking at!

Hugs to you....Helle


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