December 12, 2009

simply and sweetly

We went looking at houses today, mostly to stir things up a bit, and get the energy flowing again.  Of course we ended our journey at River House; like moths to a flame, we can't resist its simple charms. 

The house sits quietly, on a quiet hill, overlooking the quiet river. It doesn't feel lonely, as some empty houses (and even some not-empty ones) do. River House feels patient, like a tree is patient, or a mountain. There's nothing excessive or superfluous about it. It's a simple house, and all the more alluring for it.

photos: 1-5), 6), 
7), 8) 

“Festive decorations are a gift from your heart to the hearts of those who enter your home. They simply and sweetly say, ‘love lives here,’ and, ‘we were expecting you, welcome!’”  ~Dolley Carlson

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Roberta said...

Hi Susan, Can you contact me at You WON the giveaway contest for the Bari J bag!! Roberta,


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