December 13, 2009

my imaginary friends

This is my 100th post! That calls for a bit of a celebration, don't you think? I think so!

Come on and celebrate, good times, tonight
(Celebrate good times, come on!)
'Cause everything's gonna be all right
Let's celebrate (Celebrate good times, come on)
(Let's celebrate)...

Speaking of celebrations, I just this minute received this message from Roberta, of  Hi Susan, Can you contact me at You WON the giveaway contest for the Bari J bag!! Roberta,

WOW! I won this great Bari J bag in a giveaway by The Fat Finch and The Constant Gatherer!  Thanks, you guys! (Seriously, how adorable is this?):

Happy 100th post-i-versary to me...

So where was I? Oh,

Maybe a confession is in order as well. I swear, I just heard your collective ears prick up, and you all leaned forward just a tiny bit, and sucked in your breath ever-so-slightly, like that scene in Labyrinth, the movie, where Sarah is about to make the fateful wish that is the beginning of everything, and the goblins are just beyond the veil and they hear: 

Sarah: I'll say the words...NO, I mustn't. I mustn't say...
Goblins: UH!
Sarah: I wish...I wish!
Goblin 2: Say what?
Goblin 3: SHUT UP! 
Goblin 2: You shut up! 
Goblin 1: LISTEN! She's going to say the words...

Not that I think you all are goblins - heavens no, I love you all to pieces!

Anyway. The confession: I have a blog crush. It's probably certainly silly, or maybe not, but like I always say (as my sister can attest): It is what it is! I honestly don't remember how I found her blog, but as soon as I read the first post (about her first blog crush, fittingly enough...) I knew I was in for something good. Then, I read this, and I. Was. Done. Sunk. Smitten. 

And now? Now I can't speak or write or read a hypophora without hearing it in her voice (which, by the way, I've never actually heard). When I'm ready to do someone in, or I want someone to stop doing something, I think to myself, "I think him's had enough of the flying." The first time she visited here and left a comment? I was tickled pink. As in blushing. (How many of you know who I'm talking about? See, you recognize her voice, too, even an impression of it!)

If you've never had a blog crush this will probably definitely sound very strange; if you have, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about: imaginary friends (who also happen to be very real people.) And if you don't already have a crush of your very own on karey m., of mackin ink, then by all means, get over there and help yourself!

But wait, there's more!

For straight-shootin' shit-talkin': My Favorite and My Best
For Nordic loveliness: Stil og Genbrug
For here-let-me-help-you self-sufficiency: Living the Frugal Life
For a steady supply of beautiful blue: House of Turquoise
For general happiness and how-to's: Sweet Sweet Life
For a roundup of some of the most inspiring and original creations for body and soul: The Constant Gatherer (who also held The Fat Finch Giveaway!)
For dreamy, other-worldly sweetness: Thumbelina
For all the good stuff from the glossies, the thrift stores, and the shops: Moodboard (and thanks for adding my little fledgling bloglet to your blogroll!) 

As you can see from my sidebar, there are many more great blogs I follow, all written by interesting, fascinating, funny, generous people like you! If I didn't mention you above, it doesn't mean I don't have a crush on you too, but a gal's got to draw the line somewhere, right?

Thanks for coming this far with me, sweet friends, imaginary and real. I hope you'll stay with me for the next round -


karey m. said...

monday morning and my girlies just asked why i was smiling. my face feels pink, too.

this was LOVELY! and now i know what a hypophora is! and here i thought i was just lazy.

this was very very kind. i'd like to read it again if i may. xoxo and thank you!

him's had enough of the flying is even funnier in her pee wee herman voice!

helle said...

Oh, how honoured I am being mentioned among your imaginary friends Susan, and congratulations on your celebration.

I will be more than willing to stay by you during the next 100 posts!

From your friend, Nordic Loveliness!

Marsha said...

Oh, yes~ I often am tempted to "say the words". Who knows, maybe Russell Crown would appear rather than David Bowie.


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