November 7, 2009

you just have to reach out

Today we made an offer on River House. Technically we offered to purchase it in exchange for a specified amount of money, but it feels like we offered much more than mere money. We offered our hearts, and our hopes for the future. We offered our dreams.

Offerings are traditional in many cultures and religions. They are given to appease, bribe, or express gratitude to the God/dess. I'm not sure this is all that different.

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"Sometimes you just have to reach out
and grab what you want,
even when they tell you not to."
- Rebecca Wells


Anniche ♥ Annas Rom said...

Hey ! Thank som much for your lovely comment in my blog !
You have such a wonderful blog here - and the painting with the hand and heart was sooooo beutiful.

Have a great sunday ! LOVE

Sea Witch said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't you just love Sassytrash and what a great door you went through to find me. I'm a sin eater too and I must admit some were mighty tasty! Really like your offering post and I will light a candle for you today to enhance your offering on River House. Sea Witch


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