November 23, 2009

motionless for lack of wind

We are becalmed*, waiting for the wind to rise again and move us ahead. After a long flurry of activity and self-propelled forward motion, we are suddenly at what feels like a standstill. 

We did everything we thought we should do: prepared the house, waited until we had it on the market to house-hunt with real intention, fluffed it up to perfection before every showing. When we dropped the price the 2nd time, we were so certain we would have a quick sale that we made an offer on River House. 

Since then - silence. Stillness. We are waiting. And wishing** for the wind.

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*be·calm (b-käm) tr.v. 
1. To render motionless for lack of wind

**wish (wish)
         1. To long for; want.

         2. To entertain or express wishes for; bid
         3. To call or invoke upon

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