November 10, 2009

the cradle of true art

My friend Paula once said to me (on the occasion of my remarking that I longed for a feather cape like the one I'd seen in Cirque Du Soleil) that, by wearing ordinary clothes, people lose many opportunities for self-expression.

Fashion should be fun! she said...Not just a way to cover your body! Why shouldn't you have a feather cape if you want one?

But where would I ever wear such a thing? I asked.

To the grocery store. You would wear it to the grocery store, and by doing so, you would give everyone who saw you permission to wear their feather capes, too, she replied.

I never did get a feather cape, and I don't even really want one any more. But she was right. Every day when we get up and get dressed to face the world we have two choices: toe the line, blend in - or put on our feather cape.

What are you wearing tomorrow?

Harper’s Bazaar India, November 2009

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious -
the fundamental emotion which stands
at the cradle of true art and true science.
- Albert Einstein


Rachel Follett said...

Cool photos!

Marie said...

Nice post :)

The little cellar on my post is an old potato cellar :)

Anonymous said...

Here here, beautiful Susan! We should feel beautiful every day, and if feather capes further the cause, bring 'em on.

Audi said...

Ah, so true! I hope you're wearing your feather cape (figuratively speaking) every day!

Marsha said...

I will wear something that helps me feel special, with enough room that my "corners" have plenty of room to "breather".

Who wants to look like everyone else? Not I.....


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