October 4, 2009

washed in black

We went to the garden center this morning and bought two big red mums, which I potted up in the huge black urns that flank the (black) front door. I love black in the garden, and in the house.

I remember my mother telling me about painting a breakfast nook black when she was newly married (1950?) - she'd seen a black room in a magazine or something, and thought it was so swank. Always a DIYer, she set about creating her own bit of sophisticated swish. Once the project was finished she discovered that no light bulb was bright enough to illuminate the nook - "that black just sucked up all the light." Much to her chagrin, she had to admit defeat and re-paint. But hats off to her for trying!

photos: 1 & 3) livingetc.com, 2) beautifulpaper.typepad.com,
4, 6-9) apartmenttherapy.com 5) decorology.blogspot.com
10) gardening.savvy-cafe.com

"All the pictures have been washed in black, tattooed everything..." - Pearl Jam


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I love black color and your post is beautiful. I dedicated one week to this color in my blog:



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