October 12, 2009

a spare bed for my friends

Our first weekend of not working on the house was spent laughing and relaxing with friends who came to visit from California. Houseguests generally fall into one of two categories: they're either the wretched, needy type who make you so ill at ease that you don't even feel at home yourself, OR they're easy, pleasant, and comfortable, and seem to add to the ambiance and homeyness of your home, so that you like it even better. Luckily for us, our guests were of the latter sort.

Our guest room has a queen-sized bed, big enough for two people (queens and otherwise) to share in reasonable comfort. Still, even a bed big enough for two forces those two to sleep together - something not all guests might appreciate. So I'm thinking maybe in our next guest room I should opt for a pair of twins.

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"Mighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends." ~Samuel Pepys


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helle said...

How good for you that your guests fell into the last category!

So pretty pictures!



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