June 30, 2011

the original harmony

Have you been watching this? It's a crazy trainwreck slice of life reality show, part funny, part sweet, part sad, and 100% entertaining.

I wouldn't want to be a Gypsy or Traveller, but watching the show has reminded me that I want a Gypsy caravan. I've never outgrown my childish love of a "playhouse," and could probably create an entire village of tiny houses of one sort or another right here on Moss Hill.

Look at these confections...can you blame me?!

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony 
which once existed between man and the universe.  
~Anatole France


1 comment:

Chrisy said...

I don't think that program has arrived over this side of the world yet...but when I saw the gypsy caravan in my sidebar well I had to run right on over...they are such things of beauty...so exotic...such jewel boxes...yes one in the backyard would be a very nice little playhouse...


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