June 20, 2011

discover your world

A HUGE part of my Plan B involves me getting a job where I work from home. (I realize that the Universe may have other plans. However, until those plans are revealed to me, this is what I'm going with. It beats worrying.) I could probably manage with a file cabinet, my laptop, and the desk in the living room. I'd rather have a dedicated space, though, and since I have a room at my disposal, why not? 

As a spin on "Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have," I'm going to decorate for the job I want (working from home), not for the one I have (None. Thanks again for that, btw...)

I prefer not can't really afford to spend any $ on this new office of mine, and besides, I have access to lots of usable pieces. Anyone recall my "well stocked" garage?

Here's what I need/want/envision, using what I have:
  • Large worktop for computer, files, papers, etc. (The "etc" is all the fun bits!) 
  • Desk/table facing into room, not the wall.
  • Comfy chair
  • Interesting things on the walls to look at
  • File cabinet (I have one, vintage, original aqua paint. Yum.)
Have I mentioned that I have to share my office with 3 cats? Yeah, it's their room right now, including litter box, food, and climbing tree. They have to have a sanctuary from the dogs.

Here's a bunch I like; the top one is my favorite (and I have that table).

Thoughts, anyone?

 Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
 ~ Buddha 

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