June 9, 2011

danced on the mossy ground

It's too hot to garden, but it's perfect weather for "window" shopping! Check out these garden-themed etsy finds:

TheWishingElephant on etsy
chocolatefrog on etsy
                                                        yumyumbuttons on etsy
lindamonfort on etsy

JenSanCandles on etsy

SuzannesPotteryFarm on etsy

dazeychic on etsy

jenniferlockedesigns on etsy

LifeSoapSimple on etsy
SterlingPhotography on etsy
earringsnation on etsy
ElisaGomez on etsy
karelsdingen on etsy
SterlingPhotography on etsy

The summer moon shone brightly down upon the sleeping earth, while far away from mortal eyes danced the Fairy folk. Fire-flies hung in bright clusters on the dewy leaves, that waved in the cool night-wind; and the flowers stood gazing, in very wonder, at the little Elves, who lay among the fern-leaves, swung in the vine-boughs, sailed on the lake in lily cups, or danced on the mossy ground, to the music of the hare-bells, who rung out their merriest peal in honor of the night. ~ Louisa May Alcott, Flower Fables



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1 comment:

helle said...

Truly amazing what people can create, and lots to look at for the rest of us on a hot day!



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