May 1, 2010

a home in your manes

Derby Day. Be careful out there, you stunning, magical, powerful beasts, with your fragile legs and flying manes. May you all cross the finish line unharmed.

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In Memory of Eight Belles

Ah, steeds, steeds, what steeds!
Has the whirlwind a home in your manes?
Is there a sensitive ear, alert as a flame, in your every fiber?
Hearing the familiar song from above,
 all in one accord you strain your bronze chests and, 
hooves barely touching the ground, 
turn into straight lines cleaving the air, 
and all inspired by God it rushes on!~ Nikolai V. Gogol, translated from Russian
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boops said...

horses are magnificent creatures, aren't they?

Unknown said...

Ahhhh Susan,I love them all!!!!!

helle said...

Stunning images and stunning animals!
The blue and white thing on my image is a vase, chinese patterned...

Many hugs from Helle

MFAMB said...



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