May 14, 2010

and they are beautiful

I have always loved birds, real and otherwise...

I have some vivid  and happy memories of birds from my childhood, specifically, a bird mobile that hung above my crib, and the fact that my father's nickname for me was "Jaybird."

Without really trying to I've ended up with a small collection of bird-themed things - little figurines, a print or two, some birdhouses. 

When J and I did The Big Thrift last weekend I remarked that, if I'd wanted to, I could have completed a collection of framed bird prints in one day - they were everywhere. Thinking about it a few days later I realized it's not a bad idea. 

mouse over images for source

I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird
 or the rising of the sun on a misty morning.
 There they are, and they are beautiful.  ~ Pete Hamill
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1 comment:

helle said...

I also love all kinds of drawings and paintings with birds, don´t own that many, though!
Good luck with your collection.

Hugs Helle


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