February 16, 2010

transpire to get you home

We're heeeeeere! Finally after months and months (seven of them!) and days and weeks and hours, we're here, and all our stuff is here, and the dogs and the cats are here, and we even have internet! Hurray!

Getting here was long and exhausting and worrisome. There was the Readying The House To Put On The Market Ordeal, followed by the House-hunting/finding/losing Starting Over Ordeal, in conjunction with the Keeping the House Ready to Show Even Though We Have 6 Dogs and 4 Cats Ordeal, and then the We Have An Offer Now We Have To Get Through the Inspections and Closing Ordeal, and finally concluding with the Let's Move in February with 6 inches of Snow on the Ground Ordeal - which is why we had the sideshow of Our Moving Truck Is In The Ditch At The Bottom Of The Drive And All Our Stuff Is Tipped Over Inside The Pods Ordeal*, and an encore of Holy Shit It's Snowing Again! 

But hey - we're here! 

While we unloaded the last bit of our worldly goods from the truck late on Friday evening, I happened to glance up at the dark night sky and - gasp - there was the Milky Way, gazing back at me. How long since I'd seen a skyful of stars? Until last Friday, it had been years.

Yesterday our old house got one final scouring, and then we turned it over to the new owners, who said in an email that they're "oh so sublimely excited." Today we found a note from the previous owners of this (our new) house, telling us about her 35 years here, and how she loved this place, and wishing us well and happy for many years to come.

Tonight it's still snowing. The dogs running in the yard look like they're churning through whipped cream. The roads - and our drive - are covered deep. My car is parked halfway down the hill because I was afraid to risk getting it to the top.  There's a tower of boxes in the front hall, and a driveway full of storage pods to unpack.  But we're happy...we're home!

top 2 images mine; mouse over others for source

"You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home."
 - Og Mandino

*Disclaimer: We didn't drive the truck into the ditch, the driver did.


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helle said...

What more could you possibly want for now, Susan, I`m so happy for you! This place is so wonderful.

Good luck to all members of the family, 2- as well as 4 legged!
Hugs from Helle

boops said...

congratulations!!!! i'm so happy for you. :)


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