February 16, 2010

tell all the stars

When the previous homeowners moved out of our house they took the vanity mirrors from both bathrooms with them. I have quite a few mirrors, and may be able to choose from my collection for one or both bathrooms.

If none of mine work I'll have to shop. Oh, pity...

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and through the open window
i think the singing went outside
and floated up to tell
all the stars not to hide
cuz by the time church let out
the sky was much clearer
and the moon was so beautiful,
that the ocean held up a mirror

from Everest, by Ani Difranco


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Johanna said...

That first one is gorgeous. Where in the world do you even find something like that? I also love the wall of multiple mirrors.

boops said...

everest is one of my favorite songs :) (and by the way how random was it of them to take the vanity mirrors?)

susan said so said...

Johanna - http://www.architecturalsalvage.com/home.asp has everything and more. You can find $125k marble fountains from Venice, $20 antique tin ceiling fragments, $3 skeleton keys, and everything in between. We go once or twice a year just to look. It's marvelous!

Boops - really, Everest?! How fantastic! As for taking the mirrors, they also stated clearly in the agreement that they would be taking the "porch swing and hooks," which they did. They didn't mention taking the mirrors, but since they were so attached to the porch swing HOOKS, we weren't surprised. : )


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